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The HighView Outplacement and Transition Coaching programs could be the solution.

Shifts in technology and digital communication continue to transform the world of work. Jobs are being reimagined and career search reengineered as connections between humans and machines expand.

With the average person in North America job-hunting more than 15 times in their working life, Outplacement and Transition Coaching play a pivotal role in preparing jobseekers to make career-defining decisions.

Our Approach

We believe strategic action creates an impactful transition. As Certified Employment Strategists (CES), we empower our clients with the expertise to successfully navigate their search and hiring process. We design and implement bespoke programs and action plans to impact performance and secure career goals.

10 Ways

We help job seekers navigate their transition by considering the following variables:



(Re)align career goals and values. Create a clear vision that delivers a compelling message and connects your value proposition to each employer’s hiring needs.


Emotional Intelligence

Elevate self and social awareness to influence stakeholders. Better understand the impact of emotions, perceptions and other behaviours in the interview process.


Industry Knowledge

Connect to a wide range of resources – from the latest reports and online forums, to associations, mentors and events.


Search Strategy

Assess low versus high value search activity and implement a structure to ensure your time is spent only on tasks adding value to your search.


Professional Networking

Build confidence and clarity to step outside your social comfort zone. Analyze current and future networks and create two-way conversations to maintain and nurture strategic relationships.


Online & Social Media

With Google and LinkedIn, the preferred professional tools and network, we will help you to redefine your personal career brand and build a searchable, impactful digital profile.



Implement the structural and strategic requirements of resume and cover letter writing. Provide interview coaching to ensure you are prepared to articulate your value proposition and answer a range of behavioural questions.


Interview Debrief

Every interview may not lead to an offer, but it can always lead to continued learning. Execute follow up activities and ask high quality questions to generate motivational and developmental feedback.


Salary Negotiation

Know your worth, build a strong case, learn the rules of negotiation, handle objections and manage counteroffers.


Reference Management

Avoid retracted offers by introducing the “reference preparation phase”. We conduct mock references to ensure all referees are qualified to speak on your behalf.

*Outplacement and Transition Coaching is a value-add paid service provided by James Ashley Consulting Inc.

Discover a coaching program & strategic action plan tailored to you or your employee(s).

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