“More than a real estate recruiter, we are your trusted partner.”

Senior Recruitment Consultant, Mehrang focuses on junior and intermediate hires in the Greater Toronto Area.

Mehrang’s passion for delivering people who perform drives him to go above and beyond for his clients. He has been awarded “Excellence in Customer Service” in Ontario for multiple years and has a genuine love for the recruiting process.


“Our commitment to your success reflects in our values and gives purpose in what we do. We put your needs first and work around the clock to find your Best Next Hire.

Mehrang holds his MBA, B.Sc BA & Diploma Business E-commerce. He’s led numerous presentations to Access Employment, a non-for-profit organization that assists recent professional immigrants to find their first job in Canada.


“Understanding your interests and career as a whole is how we find your Best Next Move. From preparing for your first interview to signing your new job offer - we are with you every step of the way.”

Outside of work, Mehrang enjoys watching basketball and playing beach volleyball in the summer. Recently married, he looks forward to exploring new places with his wife, visiting family members around the world and adding more stamps to his passport.

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