HighView Partners is a Talent Search & Recruitment firm
focused exclusively on Real Estate in the Greater Toronto Area.


Our strengths in talent search & recruitment are focused across three Real Estate industries; Properties, Facilities and Development. We apply over 20 years' experience to recruit executive and management talent for your team, freeing you to concentrate on running your business. At HighView, everyday is dedicated to connecting you to people who perform. It’s what we do best.

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Employer Testimonials

"Provided an exceptional list of candidates in a timely fashion."
Vice President
“Strategic and professional. Always striving for growth and improvement.”
Vice President
“Always professional and cognizant of my recruiting requirements and related parameters.”
Vice President


Moving to a new job is a career-defining decision. Our goal is to help you understand the rational and emotional considerations that influence your decision. As part of our recruiting process, we want you to recognize and leverage the passion and purpose that drives your workplace performance. We want you to make the right choice and be excited, confident and inspired by your decision.

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Candidate testimonials

"Simplified the process and provided great insight into the company and the role."
Vice President
"Very efficient and effective in helping me with my career growth plans.”
"Sound guidance and industry knowledge ensured I was prepared to succeed in my new role.”
Senior Manager
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