We are Recruiting Specialists with a qualified network of Real Estate candidates.

HighView is well equipped to help execute your Talent Search.

Successful businesses look to seek advantage in every part of their organization. When it comes to search and recruitment, we can give you a strategic advantage in your quest for the right candidate. Our expertise in Real Estate and long-term commitment to your business, is a winning combination for your growth and success.

Employer Advantage

High Quality – Low Volume Approach

We are dedicated to finding you the best candidates - no overpromise and no underdeliver; only the best. That’s why we are able to fill 100 per cent of non-contingent searches, and over 60 per cent contingent; a ratio that far exceeds the industry standard (25 per cent).

Search Expertise

We apply market-mapping and headhunting techniques to short list only qualified candidates who fit your hiring needs and provide added value to your organization.

Qualified Network

Our knowledge and experience give us access to executive and management candidates across multi-specializations and asset classes.

Dual Contact

By working with two partners, you will significantly increase the search quality and reduce the time to hire.

Trusted Partners

We build long term relationships and view ourselves as an extension of your team.

Strategic Direction

From start to finish, we design, execute and evaluate solutions to minimize your risk.

Adaptive Solutions

One size does not fit all. We listen to the pulse of your business and tailor our services to match the right solution to your hiring needs.

Extended Loyalty

For our committed clients we offer preferred rates and longer guarantees.

Now you understand the Employer Advantage, let's begin the Employer Path Solution

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