You are five steps away from making your Best Next Move.

We want you to find your ideal role.

Our process is proven to help you make the right career choice and feel 100% confident in your decision. Working with HighView Partners will mean collaborating with a team that always has your best interests in mind. Together we will work to discover your path, build a search strategy, navigate the challenges and provide on-going feedback.



We begin the process by understanding your unique needs and strengths. We ask exploratory questions and listen to your career goals and aspirations. We end the conversation with a clear sense of your real estate knowledge, experience and skills. Together we make the decision of whether HighView Partners is the search firm for you.



Once we have agreed to begin your career search, we deliver honest feedback on first impressions, and delve deeper into your values, awareness, aptitude, results and areas of growth. We share ideas and work to refine your job search strategy and marketing documents, and then discuss opportunities relevant to your needs and strengths.



We are now ready to implement our action plan and connect you with our network of clients. We use qualitative analysis to identify the ideal employer fit. With your approval, we then submit the resume to shortlisted companies who are a match with your qualifications and value-add attributes.



Congratulations, we have presented your resume to the client and you have been selected for an interview. From here, we will provide on-going coaching and feedback on the interview process and keep you informed from start to finish. You will receive the HighView Partners Interview Playbook, designed to help you outperform your competition and succeed with an offer.



Congratulations, you have received an offer of employment! We will work with you to review all employment terms, shortlist areas for negotiation and guide you through reference checking and any corporate assessments. When onboarding, HighView Partners acts as an intermediary between you and your new employer to ensure a seamless and enjoyable transition.

So, what are the advantages of our solution for your career search?