Our Candidates trust us to find them their Best Next Move

Our candidates rely on us to help navigate their career-defining decisions. When it's time to go to the next level, they're confident our process will guide them to their Best Next Move. They know we’re committed to their career success.

Kasandra Donaldson

Property Manager

Can you provide an example when HighView Partners showed their commitment to doing the 'right thing'?

“On numerous occasions, they reached out to ensure that my current tenure was acceptable, and my professional needs were being met. I felt they had a genuine concern for my overall well-being. Such reliability and assurance reinforced my perspective that with HighView, I am more than just a number.”

Tani Rexho

Senior Property Manager

HighView Partners embrace change. Did that philosophy influence your job search with them?

“At a pivotal point in my life, Highview Partners helped me transition from the construction industry into property management. Their unwavering support helped me to rethink my search strategy. It was their knowledge of how my skillset matched the industry’s opportunities, which helped me make a great career change.”

Kristin Schulz

Senior Manager Human Resources

HighView believes in authenticity. Did you see that reflected when you worked together?

“Absolutely. We quickly established a partnership of trust. They consistently demonstrated a high level of honesty and care throughout my candidacy. They even stayed connected after the paperwork was signed, which was impressive, and differentiates HighView from other recruiting firms.”

Robert Lovrencec

Senior Manager Security & Life Safety

How has working with Highview Partners impacted your career?

“Tremendously. They took the time to understand me and my goals, which gave me confidence that I was on the right path. Their professional and focused approach was consistent from start to end. Thanks to HighView Partners, I connected with a great employer and a fantastic role.”

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