Five steps to finding your Best Next Hire.

Together we will help you create great teams.

When you work with HighView Partners, it will feel like an extension of your company. Our process is proven to help you find exceptional talent, which we accomplish by understanding your company's values and culture first. We then commit to a strategic plan, navigate any challenges and find the candidate who fits the role and your company best.  



We meet in-person to understand your business model, ask strategic questions and listen carefully to your hiring needs. We leave the meeting with a clear sense of your culture, values, performance and full scope of search requirements. We then develop the hiring strategy and agree upon the marketing, communications and talent identification plan.



When we begin the search, we will collaborate and pursue the best strategy to source exceptional candidates. HighView Partners will cover everything from job advertising, competitor analysis and headhunting, to advanced online software and marketing. The process is characterized by an open and honest dialogue that results in a customized plan of action.



Our search process is tailored to meet your hiring needs. We use our industry knowledge and recruiting expertise to identify, screen and select a shortlist of qualified talent. We use behavioural interviewing techniques, qualitative profiling and peer referencing to reveal each candidate’s authentic presence in the workplace.



It’s not enough to simply send prospective candidates to you for an interview. Once our screening is complete, we merge our strategic analysis with your hiring needs and select the top ranked candidates to move forward. This shortlist of qualified talent is then presented to you in a digital format for your feedback, after which we prepare an interview schedule.



With the search process complete and a candidate selected, you are ready to extend an offer of employment. HighView will mediate the negotiating process to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Before signing the contract, we conduct professional references and any post-screen assessments.

Once signed, we maintain an open line of communication with both parties, and act as an intermediary between you and the newest member of your team during the onboarding process.

So, what are the advantages of working with HighView Partners?