You are 5 steps away from welcoming your Next Best Hire.

The path is designed to help you find high-quality candidates and a trusted partnership.



We meet in person to understand your business model, ask strategic questions and listen carefully to how you think, feel and hire. We leave the meeting with a clear sense of your culture, values, environment, and how they fit with our search practices. Together we decide if HighView is the search firm for you.



Once we agree to move forward on the search, we share ideas and decide on the best strategy. HighView will cover everything from competitor analysis and candidate mapping, to job marketing and raising brand identity. The process is characterized by an open and honest dialogue that concludes with a strategic plan of action.



Our search process is tailored to meet your hiring needs. We apply our industry knowledge and expertise to identify, screen and select the shortlist of qualified talent. We lean on the Next Best Hire analysis, advanced search strategies and interviewing techniques to reveal each candidate’s authentic presence in the workplace.



It’s not enough to simply send prospective candidates to you for interview. Once the initial screen is completed, we merge our interview results with your hiring needs and conduct a deeper behavioral analysis of the remaining candidates to select the ones who fit with your organization.

The shortlist of qualified talent is presented to you in a digital format for review and feedback, after which we prepare an interview schedule.



With the search process completed and a candidate selected, you are ready to extend an offer of employment. We mediate the negotiating process to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Professional references and any assessments are conducted to post-screen the selected candidate prior to signing the contract.

Once signed, we maintain an open line of communication with the hire, and act as an intermediary between you and the newest member of your team during the onboarding process.

So, what is the Advantage of the Employer Path Solution for your business?

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